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Unlocking Phototicket

Windows Download Version Only Not suitable for Apple Mac or Andriod based operating systems
Unlock Codes & Trial Period

Once installed click, File / Unlock.

Phototicket will display a Machine Code.

To receive an Unlock Code, please submit Machine Code displayed:

Please include the store or business name you want this install associated to.

Unlock 1.jpg
Unlock 2.jpg
Entering Unlock Code

An unlock code will be emailed back to you.

(Check SPAM folder if not received within a few hours)

Replace the original unlock code displayed with the new unlock code.

The Unlock Code given will unlock all functionality for a specified trial or subscription period.

A separate Unlock Code will be necessary for each installation.

Note: Phototicket is licensed on a per store/site basis. As such you are allowed to install more than one instance of Phototicket, provided it is only used in relation to that store or site.

Additional stores/sites will require separate subscriptions.

Purchasing Phototicket

Your subscription expiry date is shown at the bottom of the Phototicket window.

If you wish to purchase a Phototicket subscription, confirm your intent by emailing before your trial or subscription period expiries. Include the store name and current machine code. We will email you an invoice with bank payments details shown at the bottom. Upon confirmation of payment a revised unlock code will be emailed back covering the full subscription period.

Installation or unlock problems

If you have any issues installing Phototicket, please email requesting assistance.

Thank you for downloading Phototicket

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