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Phototicket Download

for IGA Supermarkets Australia

Windows Only Not suitable for Apple Mac or Andriod based operating systems

Install Free Fonts

Click to download and install the ChalkArt Font set absolutely FREE!

Install Database

Click to download and install the Independent Supermarket Database.
This contains approximately 1.2 Gb of data and therefore may take some time.

Please wait until completed until proceeding with the next step.

Install Phototicket

Click to download and install the Phototicket software application.
The application will open automatically, but will appear empty until the final step has been completed.

This download is used to download a zip file containing all design templates specific to each Supermarket Group. - Bakery , Butchery, Produce etc

Importing Templates

Once each of the previous steps have been completed:

Open Phototicket, then click Database/Design/Import Zip 

Browse to the location of the download zip file 

Select and click OPEN to import Design Templates

Unlock Code & Trial Period

Once installed click, File / Unlock.

Phototicket will display a Machine Code.

To receive an Unlock Code, please email the Machine Code:

The Unlock Code given will unlock all functionality for a specified trial or subscription period.

A separate Unlock Code will be necessary for each installation.

Installation Problems

If you have any issues installing Phototicket, please email requesting assistance.

Thank you for downloading Phototicket

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